How can I turn on sets for results?

Just go to your schedule in admin mode and click the tab ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Use sets for results?’ and turn the button to on. Reload the page.

Can I turn off the images of the players?

Yes, just go to your schedule in admin mode and click the tab ‘Settings’. Go to ‘Show the player icons?’ and turn the button to off.

Can I change the schedule afterwards?

Some parts you can, for example the player names, results, points and ordering of the ranking list. Some other parts you can’t, at least not yet. We are improving the schedule generator continuous. So if you miss something drop us a line through the contact form.

What does Show byes mean?

For odd numbers of teams/players one team/player is on bye for each round. If you want to show the team/player on bye, activate the function. This function is only available for odd players/teams.

What does Generate random pairings mean?

If you activate this function the pairings will be randomly generated. If you deactivate the function the schedule can be prdicted by the participants. It’s up to your preferences.

What does Generate second round mean?

For a balanced system each team/player plays against each other team/player once at home and one away game. To disable this function set the Generate second round to No and thus only one match will be generated.

Can I add more than 32 teams/players?

Currently we have to limit the maximum amount of teams/players to 32. This is mainly due server capacity. But we are working to lift this limit in the future.